Thursday, October 16, 2008

the b-e-s-t!

so smoe (aka bun; aka toilet seat face, aka babe ruth; aka babu, aka mf moe dean!, etc) is the b-e-s-t, best!!!

why you ask?? b/c on our way to metro this am he saw an ant. (big whoop, right?) but b/c he loves ants he was super excited & like "oh, this is a queen ant"..."wow, she's tearing off her wings b/c she's about to make a nest"! so we eventually get to metro & he sets her free so she can plant all her babies next to a tree :) the best right??...

ok, after rereading the above text, re-realized i'm a dork so maybe other women wouldn't find that as amazing as i do?!... guess that's a good thing though bc it means he's mine, all mine (hee hee hee)! wish i could give him the same assurance, but some guys are so disrespectful. almost every time we're out there's some guy who blatantly ignores him & tries to talk to me or asks who he is :(

in other news yesterday while tweeting (fav thing in the world) i came across a group called waffles & falafels... after checking out their book of face page further solidified that i like this apparel company!! between the bright colors, musical references, trashy meets punk meets kiddie designs, me likey. put on my to do list buy a "waffle girls don't die shirt"...

song o the day:

my boyfriend's back (angels)... for some reason that song reminds me of the monster mash (bobby 'boris' pickett & the cryptkickers)

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