Sunday, January 11, 2009

YOU & I-List!

so think its a fact that craigslist has become that place for online classifieds...pretty good for job postings too (i actually only use it when i post an ad for my organization's internship position). well apparently there's a new kid on the block called iList.

the first thing i notice about the site is that it doesn't look as industrial as craigslist. there's actually color, pics & a cleaner look. i had trouble with my first search (of course it was macgyver). next i just decided to browse listings. under jobs, i naturally clicked on "nonprofits", but no listings in dc :( a little odd yep, but i figured its new so not many folks know/use it yet. next i clicked on a blue topic & had more luck. haven't figured out why some listings are in blue and why some are gray, but too lazy to look around the site and see if they explain it.

i'm actually looking for TOMS shoes right now, specifically a special pair designed for '08 elections (not pictured, but i want the mix-matched dem & republican shoe)
i was searching online last week & these shoes are (understandably) sorta hard to find. thought i'd give it a try and see if someone put them on iList. clicked on clothing-shoes & there were only 2 pairs of jordans for sale. wasn't really disappointed b/c again hard to find, but i was actually impressed. no, not by the jordans for sale but by the fact that there was actually a username and a lil pic of the person selling the shoes. apparently, everyone in iList has to be linked to a social network for authenticity. This is cool bc though they're still strangers to me at least i feel a lil connected, plus you can send them a message directly to whatever social networks they're signed into. plus i can see from the lil pic i see that 1 of the guys is kinda cute :)

random, but this makes me think of a shady story a really good friend of mine told me. he was looking for a job a few months ago and came across an ad for a security guard on craigslist. He sends in his info via email and gets a call back from the guy who put up the ad. the conversation starts off like normal for a few minutes then he asked my friend if he's african (b/c of the name on the resume). my friend is in fact from nigeria, so the guy (who's also from africa) says oh, ok i'm going to be honest w/ you this is actually a scam, and proceeds to tell him about his intentions! very sad, but very very very very very true (didn't believe him at 1st so made him swear several times)... i told my friend he should've reported the guy/job post but my buddy wanted NOTHING to do w/ that whole situation. not sure if the ad is still up, or which country the next person who inquired about the job was from.

i'm interested to see where iList goes next & how popular it gets. next fall when i post an internship on craigslist & idealist, may post it to there too. for more info on the new kid on the block, check out this article about changing online culture.

ok no more blogging off to get long john silver!!! haven't had it in like a year & i have a hankering for fried clams...

song o the day: So happy together (the turtles)...awesome song, awesome band name! What happened to the good old fashioned bands w/ just 1 name??

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