Thursday, January 29, 2009


ok, so today was my work 1st, leisurely use of internet 2nd day! i was trying that work procedure where you knock out the important things in the am, check email every 30min thing.

even left a message on my 1q1b twitter account saying:
"good morning all! i'm trying that thing where i knock out all of my important work in the am (instead of after 5 like i usually do), so i'll check back w/ you all in 2-3 hours... after that i'll be ready for a twitter/daily beast/bbc news break :) have a productive day!"

so i was actually going to do it, i was going to be uber productive, right? WRONG. cc sent me the following message from her twitter:
"On this day in 1978 Sweden banned aerosol cans. No more Reddi-Whip! "

so naturally i had to click on the link & see who these randoms were (darn you twitter). i'm hooked! any amazing blog about food/snack facts (officially called Foodimentary ~ Facts & Fun: The World of Culinary Facts, Trivia & Fun Finds).

me likey! ok, back to work now :)

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John-Bryan Hopkins said...

Glad I could help enlighten your day!

Love your blog

Have a great day & Tweet me any time!

~The Foodimentary Guy