Tuesday, January 13, 2009

playboy's sex list & my shame

so i just finished read the daily beast's biggest names in sex article & i feel ashamed.

no, no not to read about who playboy thinks some of "the most important people in sex from the past 55 years" are... but that it took me more than half an hour to read the super short article!! this is due to the fact that i looked up the names mentioned in the 1st two pages i didn't recognized. as is normal w/ google & wikipedia i ended up going on tangents (ended up on a page about the rorschach test at 1 point)... if i would've know all of the names were linkable from the 3rd page, i would have waited.

here's the list for you lazies (please note, though it's playboy hef isn't 1st. also, no blacks on this list, we just don't do it for playboy):

1 Alfred Kinsey 2 Dr. John Rock 3 Hugh Hefner 4 Alex Comfort 5 Marilyn Monroe 6 Monica Lewinsky 7 The Rolling Stones 8 Timothy Berners-Lee 9 Peter Dunn and Albert Wood 10 Madonna 11 Helen Gurley Brown 12 Charles Ginsburg 13 Ruth Westheimer 14 Elvis Presley 15 Masters and Johnson 16 Howard Stern 17 Ed Meese 18 Brigitte Bardot 19 Estelle Griswold 20 Bo Derek 21 Catharine MacKinnon 22 Vladimir Nabokov 23 Anita Bryant 24 Farrah Fawcett 25 Erica Jong 26 Barney Rosset 27 Germaine Greer 28 Christine Jorgensen 29 Pamela Anderson 30 Frank Sinatra 31 Nancy Friday 32 Jenna Jameson 33 William O. Douglas 34 Philip Roth 35 Charles Keating Jr. 36 Candace Bushnell 37 Dr. Mary Calderone 38 Beverly Whipple 39 Alberto Vargas 40 Potter Stewart 41 Linda Lovelace 42 Mike Nichols 43 Betty Dodson 44 Dr. David Reuben 45 Ian Fleming 46 Lenny Bruce 47 Gloria Steinem 48 Robert Mapplethorpe 49 Danni Ashe 50 J. Edgar Hoover 51 Gay Talese 52 Rock Hudson 53 Bernardo Bertolucci 54 Dell Williams 55 Rudi Gernreich

song o the day: turning me on (keri hilson) ... cool video & the song's not bad... plus the love of my life raps in it :)

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