Wednesday, January 28, 2009

worst ad hair?!

thanks to this lovely photo (courtesy of lincoln technical institute), i now have some fodder for my afternoon sarcasm...

1- his baby hair makes me chuckle!
2- his baby hair makes me want to ask him to put a hair net on before cooking!
3- i hope this food wasn't just prepared b/c he's holding it w/ his bare hand. obviously lincoln tech students keep it real & don't use pot holders, survival of the fittest chump! can't stand the heat, get outta lincoln tech's kitchen!
4- i'm a huuuuuge fan of ellipsis dots, so would actually prefer if the tag line read "Your future dot dot dot Now!"
5- is the dripping caramel in top right hand corner supposed to be sexy?
6- o, i get it culinary school= desserts= caramel sauce is being made somewhere in the halls of lincoln tech??
7- faintly in the distant image of this ad you'll notice an unattended pan on the stove w/ a cloth on its handle. now i'm no chef boyardee, but i'm prettay prettay sure that's a fire hazard, no?
8- logo sort of creeps me out b/c it's like an amputee super happy about cooking and showing off what he just cooked
9- with all this said, great job lincoln tech! another awesome ad :)

*the end*

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