Monday, January 12, 2009

google's carbon footprint

it's been quite a monday thus far... left wallet at home & was stranded at metro for about half an hour. smoe rescued me, got my wallet & went on my way to work! in other news 1 of our toilets is broken, so trying to get to the bottom of that without having my landlord pay $300 (what the condo maintenance folks quoted us)...

in other news, i'm def no environmentalist, but thought this article was interesting: "carbon cost" of google revealed

funny because i was actually on twitter (1 of my fav places on the internet) looking for a way to get in touch with technical support at google ad words & came across the article... a productive tangent!

song o the day: ain't nothin goin on but the rent (gwen guthrie)... thought about this song this am when smoe & i were talking about sugar mamas & daddys

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