Wednesday, January 28, 2009

8 kids & krazee eyez killa

think my 3 older, bugger- eating, monsters for brothers are enough for me. couldn't imagine having 7 siblings!!! well say hello to octuplets born yesterday in cali...

in other cali news i was disgusted this am when i heard the story of the murder suicide in which took the lives of 5 young kids, mom & (krazee eyes killa) dad. another piece of the story which i found equally appalling is as follows:

'The administrator, it said, had asked them on an unspecified day why they had come to work, and then added, “You should have blown your brains out.”'

what's the world coming to?? killing a child so they don't have to bear hardship is very reminiscent of beloved (that oprah is so talented)!

song o the day: not really a song, but a clip of 1 of my fav shows (curb) & the amazing character of krazee eyez killa :)

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