Monday, January 11, 2010

restaurant week dc!!

not a huge fan of going out to eat, so i do it as less as possible...i make up for my lack of dining out a few times a year...mainly during restaurant week...i.e. NOOOOOW!

for lunch went to potenza w/ coworkers. calamari was mediocre, but shrimp & fennel was really good. sorbet WOULD have been good, but we had to rush out to make it to the office by 2pm (lunch time check in)...we actually rushed about 2 spoonfuls into our mouths (very good).

off to acadiana acadiana was cool! went w/ smoe, friend from hs & her buds from state dept. had roasted sweet corn and blue crab soup for starters, then louisiana seafood gumbo. only had 1 spoonful then i was full (needless to say it'll be lunch). by the time my toasted almond creme brulee came around i was ready to go so ate a spoonful then gave it to smoe.

looking forward to our outings at the melting pot, which is the next stop on thursday!

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