Sunday, January 17, 2010

ny state of mind: shopping, hanging out & hungover dreams

saturday started off productive and ended...well....woke up crazy early. watched some zelda cartoons ("excuuuuuuuuuse me princess"). went back to bed. woke up ate left over Chinese food. yelped some thrifts stores so i could get a game plan for the day.

after jotting down some notes on pieces of paper i was off to thrift in the east village. hours (and a lot of money) later i arose successfully w/ the loot (coat, purse, 3 pairs of shoes, some shirts & sweaters)...of course i prob didn't need any of this stuff as i'm trying to clean OUT my closet by giving away a lot of clothes.

next it was off to meet friends that evening. we got to dallas bbq's place & it was paaaaacked. after a ridiculous wait & me having to check up on the reservation we sat. immediately orders drinks (please note the plural...a bad move considering i only had a 1/2 of grilled cheese and hand full of fries for retro a VERY bad move).

waiting crowd! the line to the women's bathroom reminded me of a club line

j & marcjack

smoe & i feeling the frozen margies...


(note to self: add pic of n. here)

the icing on the cake is the fact that my dreams were so crazy last night don't remember all, but 3 stand out:

(1) for some reason the meeting spot for abberant was at my folk's house in atl. 2 outta 4 guys were already there and i kept going on and on about how i refuse to order pizza bc we ALWAYS order pizza when we get together to play. they shrugged and said ok fine. needless to say we ordered greek food and i was pleased with myself!

(2) i like a song called no hoe bc the beat rocks. smoe doesn't like anything about the song, so every now & again i play it to annoy him. anywho so in 1 of my dreams me and him are at a street party/carnival type atmosphere somewhere in another country. at the end of one group's parade guess what song they start playing?? yep the d lo song. i go nuts bc it's weird that they would play this random song...i was pleased.

(3) lastly, the day after this street party. there was a headline in a newspaper "5 year old stressed from KFC ban kills"...basically a 5 year old girl was so stressed about her parents banning KFC from their home that she killed her dad, attempted to kill her mom then went to work and killed 2 coworkers, injuring 1. just before i woke up i was trying to figure out the sequence of the killing (i.e. as her mom waited in the driveway at their home, 5 yr old shot her dad shot her dad point blank and killed him. right outside of her job 5 yr old shots her mom in the head, dunno if her mom survived or not. she shoots and kills the 2 people with desks closest
to her cubicle and injures another).

honorably thing about this story (if there is such a thing) is that she didn't do the punk move of shooting others then shooting herself. she stood her ground and the cops came to pick her up. not sure if she were to be tried as an adult or child, but the article mentioned her lawyers were going to focus on the no-KFC-stress she was under and plead temporary insanity! when i woke up i was blown away by my imagination and tried to figure out where that even came from. i was also most shocked by the fact that a 5 yr old even had a job!

all in all saturday was great & i'm not drinking until japan (august).

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