Thursday, January 14, 2010

goofy thursday & twitter

started when i 1st got to work. guy on elevator said he liked my shoes (red chucks) & if i click them together i'd be in kansas! his jolliness totally caught me off guard, but was a nice break from the normal elevator silence.

next i go to make tea & see this eyesore. i knew soda in freezer was bad biz, but didn't realize they exploded like THIS. Receptionist was frantically cleaning it up, offered to help but she declined. as i was tweeting about it front desk chica (also on twitter, @whoGonChekCocoa) tweeted me late breaking news about the mop guy coming up.

thanks to npr heard
Dr. Ruth is to help boost D.C. tourism as new honorary secretary of depart of love & relationships (will be appointed today).

thought i was settled and done, until i saw
@creightonc tweet a story about an 8 yr old who CAN'T get off of US terror watch list. skimmed it, but it was hilariously sad. article here.

while still giggling about this i saw a tweet from cookie monster:

@sesamestreet Cookie Monster Recipe for cookie sandwich: take two cookies, and put cookie in between them. Garnish with sprig of parsley.

i'm officially DONE! turning off twitter for a lil and getting back to emails again

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