Sunday, May 17, 2009

weekend in review: productive

very busy... am i the only 1 who's weekends are busier than my weekdays?? friday smoe & i tried to watch karate kid, but i ended up falling asleep... when we watch movies they're always bad (i.e. snakes on a plane, monkey shines, the room) or extra 80s (robocop, terminator)

saturday was ridiculous! so ridiculous in fact that i bought a new navi system friday nite bc couldn't afford to be late for a minute- i schedule things too close. in the am volunteered w/ my pbm kids, afternoon volunteered w/ kidsave kids, evening went to gum springs historical society's 175th anniversary dinner. helped the president of the society do some event planning which was a good experience for me (yeaaaaa for community groups broadening my horizons)! that nite (a moment i've been waiting for) got to see drizzy perform!!!! almost didn't get to see him bc crowd was sooooo rowdy, so management at love almost shut it DOWN! he was good. not a huge stage presence, but that's ok bc he's supposed to come off as an average guy so it def works for him. he's also cute & talented so that helps too. after that we go to meet up with my nemesis bc he's throwing a bday thing at another club...i go dance with them from 2:30-3am...i know the time bc we got A LOT of crap at the door and they weren't gonna let us in, but i kept saying we had to and pleaded our case until they did :) i also go to unload the big bottle of jack i had in my car for him... felt kinda guilty earlier in the afternoon when i had that and some wine in my car at a church parking lot (kidsave event was at a church).

finally got home around 4. went to bed. woke up at 7:15am & was off to the races...didn't do that bad, about an 11 min mile which is pretty good considering i didn't train at all & haven't seriously ran since army 10-miler in oct 2008.

all in all a great weekend, a few more weekend to do's & i can actually relax/unwind :)

song o the day: (not sure if i've done this song already)... every girl, young money. had to do this song bc (1) saw drake last nite at love & i'm still a huge fan... (2) this song got me through the 1st mile of capitol hill classic 10k this am! kept it on repeat:

Young Money - Every Girl [Official Music Video]

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