Saturday, May 30, 2009

summer summer summer tiiiiiiiiime!!!

what's it with the summer & guys?? i've been running errands all day & i've been getting harassed all day! there was some random old guy in sub shop, some special guy in a gas station, other random guys in a parking lot, a guy in a passenger seat of a big green van saying "heeey"

what is it about less clothes & heat that make guys go nuts?? actually, not even clothes it must be the heat! bc i was just wearing a hat, jeans & tank top! when i was complaining to someone about this he replied, "you just have that soulmate look shawty"...guess that's a good look so won't complain!!

song o the day: summertime (dj jazzy jeff & the fresh prince)...seems fitting on a nice, sunny day in dc!

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