Monday, May 25, 2009

goin goin back back to DC DC

Soooooo wanted to post in my blog w/ my friend BUT its actin up & I can't access it via my phone... obviously my cell is playing favs bc I can access this one!

Goin hoooooooooome & I'm happy!!! Went to TI farewell concert last nite, after that played catch up at friend's mom's house. We were talkin about ed commercial & she thought they should def be pulled off air, we didn't agree so guess it is a generational thing.

Guess getting to airport early & waiting isn't all bad bc I get time to tweet & write this! Trying to decide is I wanna eat here or tomorrow am?! Not hungry but what if I get hungry when I get home? Don't feel like cooking & don't have any snacks left- note to self, go grocery shopping... Think ill get somethin small now. We'll see what's by my gate, think I may be boarding soon.

I'll try to post on the other blog 1 more time... Come on padgekins (my cell) don't be a prick, don't be that that guy! Lemme post! Give me access pleeeeez :)

Wowsers announcement just came on that they're boarding in 1 minute... Wait! Have they always said you MUST speak fluent English to sit in exit rows?

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