Saturday, May 23, 2009


i think atl is 1 of the few places i can actually far i've been thinkin about work, but haven't done anything. laid up ALL yesterday afternoon. i finally saw an episode of matlock & in the heat of the nite...spunky old white guys make interesting main characters.

was going to go to some spot called motions, but we were too late so ended up going to lenny's bar to see hollyweerd. i've never heard of them, but apparently they're kinda popular in atl. glad i saw them, they had a lot of energy & i really like the last song they performed over a kid sister pro nails beat. got hit on a lot. atlanta guys aren't ass aggresive as dc & md guys, but they're so funny so you can't help but respond to their advances (even if you are rejecting them)...called smoe at the crack of dawn & as i was on the phone 2 guys were talking to me. 1 came up and didn't believe i was n the phone w/ my boyfriend so i had him talk to smoe...the other guy was like high and had a really soothing voice. so far he's the only jamaican-cuban i've met in life.

in other news excited about seeing my bros this afternoon when we all go to see dance flick...we keeps it classy in our choice of theatrical movies :) also, janet jackson FINALLY got on her job & named and created our blog. she's off on a super fabo vaca w/ hemlady. they're goin on a cruise so told them not to eat too much (so enticing since there's always food to be had on ships) & to wash hands (being sick on vaca SUCKS).

song o the day: left right left (drama) such a middle school song...not sure what this site's about but this is the 1st place i saw that had the video. go denmark!

BREAKING NEWS: just found these guys dancing to a hollyweerd song. i appreciate & respect anyone who does choreography in a public parking lot:

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