Tuesday, May 12, 2009

ugh.... not stressed just stretched

I need to go back to that handsy masseuse bc my back is tight & I'm tense all over... Wow just passed roadkill & happy 2 say I'm doin better than THAT guy bc my brains aren't over the street!

I'm just frazzled & thinkin I should have planned to spend more than 4 days in atl...

Work: we're playing catch up after Chicago meetings. Switching interns & staying afloat w/ a major summer project w/ minor league baseball & launching some things in the fall...

Community service: though it keeps me sane, it takes up almost as much time as my job. being on a small nonpropfit's board, being pretty much a nonprofit consultant for a community group & being in high demand from another group I'm involved with I'm getting prettay prettay tired!

Personal: decided to start taking dance classes...This way I don't have to wait till weekends to dance, plus bc its instruction I get to learn stuff! Smoe is wonderful as always, wish we could spend more time together but our schedules conflict a lot...mainly bc I always have somethin to do for someone or somebody. lastly, 1 of my roomie's just graduated from grad school (yea) but she thought she'd have a job by now, so she can't afford to continue to live w/ us (o no). trying to decide if we want to stay where we are and interview a 3rd roomie, or if we should just move into a 2 bedroom...i prefer moving into a 2 bedroom. the problem w/ that is actually looking and scoping out places & the act of moving all of my crap into another spot...

W/ all this said, life is good!!! I just REALLY need to start making time for me and/or to relax. Did that on sunday & it was grrreat. I slept in & took myself to see Tyson (an amazing movie).

Song o the day: robocop (kanye) a lot of folks don't like 808s & heartbreaks but me likey. Listened to this twice this am & love the beat & the talking part at the very end.

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