Thursday, August 20, 2009

new artist: the bots

as i do every am, i take a look at all of my homepages (daily beast, current, roll call, bbc world news & wikipedia)

saw their video on current-music & thought it was adooooooraaaaable! these 2 are brothers (anaiah, 12 on left & mikaiah, 16 on right) from glendale, ca. the vocals are ok (think mikaiah), he's amazing on guitar though. the drummer (think its anaiah) is killer! they sound like a baby offspring to me :)

(sidenote: not to be confused w/ the other bots.)

their website is super cute too. i'm also a fat girl so anything with doughnuts= good to me! this typewriter monster bot is from their site too. click here to see it

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