Thursday, August 13, 2009

Happy Left-Handers’ Day

happy qualen (youngest of 3 bros) day...i mean left handers day! i've been alive 25 yrs, & i've never heard of such a day...till i came across it on twitter. maybe i have, but bc of my bad memory, maybe i just forget.

anywho, thank you twitter for giving me yet another reason why i'm thankful you were created :)

here's a cool article, as sorta an homage to lefties... a lefty dad's perspective on the "condition"

lastly, for more southpaw info, here' a Left-Handers’ Day site

...after all the hype i wish i was left handed now...yea its difficult, but it's like a secret club or somethin!

song o the day: i'm good (clipse feat pharrell)...point blank this song rocks! while listening to clipse last nite couldn't decide if i liked them or just their beats. they always work w/ neptunes and i love beats so naturally i like their songs. haven't actually listened closely to their words to see if they're decent lyricist...guess they have to be though?!

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