Monday, August 10, 2009

best weekend...ever?? (almost)

coming off of a prettay prettay darn good weekend:

friday- went to america's most wanted tour. we missed soulja boy & jeremih bc apparently they came on crazy early (like 6:45/7) when it wasn't scheduled to start until, well 7. knew drake wasn't coming bc of his whole knee situation, but jeezy really?? he just didn't show up at all (yet a friend told me he showed up at love friday nite) do you not come to your concert, but you show up for the club afterward?? loser rapper! anywho saw all of wayne's performance though so it was all perfect :) he brought out his whole cash money fam bam which was cool, they got to perform a lil.

in other news found this yesterday & love love love wayne's reaction to drake falling & hurting his knee:

saturday- super cool bc (finally) went to a rhode island event/bbq so it was like a hu reunion!... my nite didn't end until like 4 am but it was all worth it :)

sunday- played some video games (soooooul calibeeeeer 3) then went to dc united- real madrid game...crazy late. (1) i went to rfk instead of fed ex field (2) picked up megan bc gave her wrong instructions that it was at rfk (3) traffic, traffic, traffic (4) had to meet up with for jer/bff to give him his tix (5) had to get beer before finding our seats! finally sat down and 15-20 min later game was over! didn't even see super cute (cristiano) ronaldo play bc he only played in first half...oh well it was cool & glad i got to hang w/ mis amigos. by the time i found bobbi brown i noticed someone scratched him...darn rowdy soccer fans!

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