Wednesday, August 12, 2009

totally 80s... totally awesome

so finally saw gi joe last nite & was complaining that it was cool, but mad they didn't incorporate the cobra theme song- please note not a huge gi joe fan which is why i thought it was ok/good...apparently EVERYONE else thought it was garbage (w/ a capital g).

anywho so after listening to the cobra theme like 5 times in a row (COOOOOBRAAAAAAAAAAA) i came across this video of top 10 cartoon theme songs from the 80's. anytime "80s" shows up anywhere, i'm on it, so clicked on it & it was cool. i only knew like 2 of the songs/themes, but i just appreciate the fact that someone took the time to put this together...

song o the day: my fav song from the top 10 video would have to be, not #1, but jem. she rocks & she's "truly outrageous":

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