Saturday, August 22, 2009

girl crush: teyana taylor

meant to post this last weekend, but i love her! her sound is great, her style is awesome, her hair is fabulous.

(i feel like such a groupie)... ever since i saw her sweet 16 episode i'm STILL trying to figure out who her parents are... here's her wikipedia page (they don't mention her folks)

i think her big facial features make her look a lil bit older, bc she's only 18. did i mention her style is magnificent? oh & she's a DANCER!! she was in jay's blue magic video & choreographed beyonce's ring the alarm video
here's a post from someone else's blog who likes her...i could literally post pics of her ALL day, but won't. google image fact google her as you listen to her 1st single:

Teyana Taylor Google Me baby
Uploaded by copper_shots. - Watch more music videos, in HD!

tt rules, nuff said :)

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