Wednesday, July 29, 2009

new artist: nouvelle vague

thanks to twitter found out about a free always streaming music place, like i-tunes but aesthetically more pleasing! was listening to the "indie chill radio" & it was awesome!...listened to some josh ritter, cat power, etc... then i heard "a forest" by nouvelle vague. i stopped in my tracks (no pun intended) bc i had to hear/learn more!

the next song i looked up was dance with me then love will tear us apart...& now i'm a fan :) 3 great things i found out in less than 10 minutes today: is awesome!, indie music is sooooo nice to listen to at work! (used to listen to dolly, johnny cash or john mayer to chill out at work, but no more. all indie all the time), lastly nv is an awesome group and i LOVE expanding my music portfolio.

song o the day: a relaxing

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