Wednesday, July 8, 2009

CT or bust...rock cats rock!

In bwi about to board flight to CT. Today marks the last day of our strike out ingalant abuse program.... & my last trip outta town for a while- I hope :) got a call from my buddy Sean earlier asking if I wanted to go 'out out' tonight or just do something low key. Told him I packed NO extra clothes (lightest packing ive done in life! Underware & a tshirt). Told him somethin low key will be ok...unless there's somethin worth chavking out tonite, in which case ill have to make an emergency shopping stop!

Just ate some lunch (Mexican ofcourse). Food was ok, server was cute, book I'm reading good. Overall a pretty solid dining experience...

I have a habit of being hype about a book, then putting it down only to NEVER get back in the groove/pick it back up again. REALLY don't want that to happen w/ this book bc its about hip hop: 'can't stop, won't stop: a history of the hip hop generation'. Ok off to paint my nails (should really start using top coats, so I won't have to paint my nails more than twice a week!)

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