Thursday, July 2, 2009

murda murda Midwest?

Soooo thanks to smoe's mom I made my flight. No only did she call me at 4:30, waking me up so I can not miss my 6:15 flight, but more importantly giving me time to actually pack!

After packing, by which I mean throwing some clean clothes in a bag, I speed off to smoe's house where I linked up w/ his mom & she drove me to dca! Got there at 5:30 on the dotl check in was quick & easy! Hence why I still haven't learned my lesson about being 'late' to the airport...

Which brings me to my title. Upon touching down I realized I know NOTHING about Kansas city except the Chiefs & dorothy-& her shoes! During this layover I posed the question what's in Kansas city on twitter & the book of face. I got back the name of some county (starts w/ an m) that has the biggest steak ever & warnings that kc is super violent so I should stay in the airport. I know there are gangs everywhere, but violence didn't even cross my mind when I thought of this place, jeez.

Just boarded plane & not only is there s crying girl- can't stand lil girls, lil boys are sooo much better! OMG she just said 'I hate you mommy' really really loud, eek. A screaming kid is super annoying, but I have to deal. Icing on the cake is a friggin aisle...up up stewardess just came by saying there may be 1 up in 6! Must go do the stink eye 2 other passengers so they don't even think about asking for it :)

LA here I come, over dressed, over packed & under rested!


Eklektos said...

Did you find a ball gown?

1q1b said...

Nope didn't find a gown, but found a dope 80s silvery dress. I'll out pics up later. Brent said it looked like a phylis Hymen dress, which I think is cool