Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Marwa el-Sherbini: saddest story you've never heard?!

Egyptian woman’s death in Germany outrages Egyptian blogosphere... so i've heard about this story when it first broke (in passing) on bbc...but read it earlier & this is soooo SAD!! worst part is marwa el-sherbini was already the victim, she was in court bc the guilty guy was appealing the ruling...

how do security guards let this man, "axel w", stab her 18 times?? 18?? unless he's super quick with the knife a la jack the ripper, someone could have jumped out from somewhere to stop this tragedy!...

OH WAIT, her husband DID jump out and try to save her, and he was SHOT! the security folks finally woke up, but assumed he was the guilty party and shot him in the friggin leg!!! un-be-friggin-leavable!

song o the day: november 18th remix (drake ft cool kids)... 2 of my fav artists! not only do i LOVE this song, i like this slower version, feels more houston. plus i like chuck inglish's verse.

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