Wednesday, July 8, 2009

LA in pics...

brent & i in the "green room" after he & his lb's appearance on wedlock or deadlock! came straight from lax to the ktla studio, didn't know i'd be in the front row of the audience, or else i wouldn't have looked so busted!

good ole cali bottled water!

while perusing in the mall, we saw a tooth following a kid around...ofcourse i had to check it out to make sure the kid wasn't in anger w/ the toothfairy (i'm so corny)...turns out the kid's dad is a dentist, so he was passing out flyers in the mall for his daddy!

brent looking super cool in outfit #1 for his masquerade party...

my outfit, brent called this my phylis hymen dress! i like it bc it was a lil 80s & a lot shiny! the side fell twice, but no one told me they saw nipple, so i'm assuming no one (thankfully) was paying attention

brent breaking it down & doing the jerk (smoe & i just spent 30mins doing an impromptu tutorial to teach ourselves the dance). so glad i ran into lebrese (other guy in pic) at the party, another hu alum... me & brese---->

brent in outfit #2, me & brent's sis' friend!

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