Friday, March 13, 2009

turtle rapes shoe

turtles were my fav animal...ruined!!! this video is courtesy of @jgm22 on twitter. make sure your sound is up. smoe thinks it's "the cutest sex noise ever". title of video is "turtle rapes shoe", but is it really rape (just learned the diff between 1st & 2nd degree rape 2 days ago after hearing about that private school case in laurel). but back to the video, i mean she was asking for it, looking all good, wearing those cfm laces!

WARNING: the sound will haunt you all day:

song o the day: summertime ... i've probably already posted this song, but think it's great (especially nina simone's version)... i've been obsessed with watching porgy & bess for like 2 years, but no hollywood video has it (don't have a blockbuster card). i was tempted to buy it for myself as a bday gift, but heard not all versions are as good as others. i researched it a lil last weekend, but got distracted and started looking up info about operas i wanna see (mainly carmen & madama butterfly)... i say all this to say after reading some harsh criticisms about porgy & bess, i'm lowering my standards a lil but still really really really wanna see it... one day!

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