Sunday, March 29, 2009

ok, ok maybe i AM a trekkie...

2 words... MAY 8TH!!!!

just finished all 3 seasons of the original star trek series... yep, after spending many a days & nights in front of my laptop i've completed all 83 episodes!!!

THANK YOU HULU!! YOU (& my coworker who was the last straw to convince me to watch the series) HAS CHANGED MY LIFE FOREVER!!

i'm sooo hype/ready for the movie now :) thankfully the movie wasn't released this month! between the watchmen & star trek, i don't think my heart would have been able to handle the excitement... no pressure jj (abrams) but this movie better be totally awesome!... and not have an uncomfortably long, slow, cheezy sex scene like the watchmen.


song o the day: (more like noises of the day) background sound to the star trek movie trailer:

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