Friday, March 13, 2009

how i spent my friday night

o no, it's friday the 13th... i used to look forward to this day to see if somethin bad happened. i had a great day today! i've realized i shouldn't go out on fridays (unless it's a special occasion or event) bc i'm drained from work week. got home at 8pm, watched olberman, ate left over couscous, played around on fbook & been twittering my life away... omg new snickers commercials are grrrrrrrrreat!

anywho, umm lost train of thought so i'll keep typing, but tv is so loud can't concentrate (darn you king of the hill theme) it so i've accomplished 1 thing this cold friday nite- photoshopping a pic from my bday thing (come back to me march 8th) at modern:

trying to decide if i'm gonna wake up super early & volunteer w/ church's homeless ministry or spend time w/ smoe. it's odd bc folks think we're always together, but smoe & i rarely actually enjoy time we spend together... bc we're always doing somethin else (i.e. commuting or running errands or he's on the computer as i sleep/as i talk n the phone, etc.). he works tomorrow afternoon so ideally we could spend am & early pm together, but even if i don't wake up at crack of dawn to feed homeless i gotta volunteer w/ kids early pm so our time is it silly to plan a "couple time"... aren't we too young to be too busy w/ conflicting schedules? oh well. feel silly for blogging about this so i'll stop & post the 4 song that gave me an extra boost of energy late at work today:

gloria (laura branigan) ...i love her outfit. this song is such a classic!
dirty diana (mike jack) ...this song makes me think of my band friends from hu!
beat it (mike jack) love love the dancing, love the outfits, love the fact that the cute light skinned guy from ny undercover is in it,love the piano shirt & absolutely loove the way mike gets outta bed when the hook first comes in!
go your own way (fleetwood mac) ...regardless of what mood i'm in this always makes me hype.

1q1b OUT (a la star trek)... off to watch my show & wait for smoe to get off work & come over.

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