Saturday, March 14, 2009

good morning

woke up to find i lost a left sock to the great bed war of '09!... maybe it's wrapped up under my comforter somewhere. i star treked my nite away as all i remember is spock telling a (most logical) plan to kirk then smoe taking off my glasses and i heard the laptop shut.

had a dream i was passing around bday card, everything seemed normal, then i went over the the new girl's desk so she could sign it so she stopped packing and signed. we talked a lil, then her supervisor came out w/ a group of people 1 of whom "was married to an obese man so she had to call him before she caught her flight back home, but she couldn't reach him (she looked like someone i've seen at a conference & i noticed she was standing super close to her colleague, so i was suspicious)... somehow new coworker turned into a black girl, but i still new it was her so i kept talking as if all was the same. she then started talking about how she loves to read and she wants to write a book and a girl that stays with her was mad one day bc she was flushing the toilet too much. when i asked why she flushed the toilet so much she blamed it on some rare condition where "an electrode (or electrolyte) explosion that takes place in her stomach"... i woke up soon after. i've gotta stop dreaming about work!

think i should unsubscribe to time bc i'm behind and i don't read em as much as i used to... read their "pop chart" this am & found out seinfeld's doing an nbc reality show & snoop is converting to islam & lindsay lohan is converting to judaism (think she's doing it for samantha ronson??).

ok i'm off to check out all of the local musician wash post highlighted in the weekend section yesterday!... and scream in smoe's ear to wake him up :)

song o the day: do you realize (the flaming lips) ... also in time mag i read OK just made this their state song! now i'm curious as to what other state song are out there, and how oftent they change...please note the host saying they started in a transvestite bar in OK

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