Friday, February 20, 2009

week in review...

so i didn't have the best week ever, 1 day i'll make it on that vh1 show :) (but it could have been worse).

monday- totally awesome b/c ran a lot of errands & shopped for trip. smoe & i ate alligator later that evening (i didn't like it)... for vday we ate jelly fish (had no taste), frog legs (tasted kinda fishy), & fish maw soup (very good). we've obviously been watching too much bizarre foods w/ andrew zimmern

tuesday- found out my 33 (or 34) yr old cousin died of breast cancer. we knew she was sick & the cancer came back recently, but shocked my whole fam b/c she's a fighter & we were naive b/c she was young. she was like a sister to my bro's. plus it was scary for me as a young woman b/c i dont know as much as i should about boob cancer. i have an older family so all of the young folks are close. anywho my bro told me as i was on the way to work, so just kept going but took the 2nd half of the day off. went home to mourn & eat soup (really had a taste for egg drop)... when before i could get home to relax, the girl who usually does my hair calls me to ask relationship advice. after she tells me her issues, it sounds like the (older) guy is insecure and very possessive. i gave her my 2 cents, then received anther call from my roomie about more drama...needless to say didn't have a moment to contemplate & relax.

wednesday- went in to work & played catch up. went back & forth w/ our new spring intern on a few projects... somehow stayed until 8pm!

thursday- had an annual report meeting at work... went well, i like the direction we're moving in for this one (simple, clean black & white photos with some colored blocks). ended up staying until 8 again bc had to close down everything & draft up a super long to-do's list so the intern can be a busy bee while i'm out all next week.

meanwhile, smoe hasn't been happy for past few week(s) b/c he's sad i'm leaving + he doesn't think we spend enough time together (agree but we have conflicting schedules so what can we do) + he thinks i take him for granted sometimes (honestly, i may at times but it's moreso i'm not very expressive & i have a lot of other things/people's problems on my mind)= we had a long talk last nite, so hopefully he feels better about the situation.

now i'm (obviously) not at work, but i do leave for brazil today. just started washing clothes & now i guess i'll do the dreaded packing (can i hire someone to clean my room & pack- not necessarily at the same time). usually before i travel abroad, i see what's going on locally. today is no different so i did a quick search on brazil news, 1st story is about british tourists being robbed at a hostel... not awesome! they were in rio & we'll be in salvador, so i pray the carnival situation is less hot in salvador!

i just want to get away & go relax & worry about only me for a lil (at least for a week)... should be fun. this is totally like real world + road rules b/c i only know the other girl (other 3 travelers are guys). i've only dealt w/ 1, so other 2 are complete strangers (well, 1 wrote on my fbook page so he's 1 step up from a complete stranger)... still very exciting. wish we had confessionals so i can be super dramatic & take deep breaths while looking into the camera! i'll probably call a "house meeting" when we get there just for kicks :)

song o the day: good morning (kanye)

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