Monday, February 2, 2009

go steelers & other stuff

b/c my steelers won last nite i'm getting $10 & a chocolate cake!!!! told my friend NOT to make it hisself b/c i don't trust his cooking :)

just read my 'brother's" blog & felt compelled to post... i won't accept your challenge to blog daily (too busy, plus twitter is where my 10min- hourly updates are), but i will steal the pics you just put up on yours:

2 words: old school! oh, the (real) hu days

my "brother" & a young (maybe tipsy) me!

& tell folks they should check your blog out here:!

song o the day : girls!(beastie boys) i know i'm a girl & prob shouldn't like this song as much as i do, but think it's really cute & i like screaming the hook. when i found this video i thought it was cute & after reading the description of why this video was made, i like it even more! i love the youngins & their school projects!...

i wish i was in a film class. i'd have a movie full of sound/music, really spike lee-ish but less jazzy and more hip hop & house & punk. the color would be amazing too, real hype williams in belly-ish...hmmmmm i wanna make a movie now, but don't have time or energy to edit it so prob won't. guess i'll just make a flip book w/ post its when i get home :)

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Eklektos said...

Someone might millions off this, (I hope it's me so I can give most off it away invest some, and buy a really cool Volkswagen hippie dream car!) but I want to do a movie that is like "Across the Universe," but is instead full of soul and funk music. (Think Rick James, Jackson 5, Temptations, Smokey, Stevie, The Supremes) Maybe I can make a screenplay and sell it for a percentage of the gross. I'm off to do my daily before the day is gone...although in your zone, it technically is.