Sunday, February 8, 2009

grammy's & magruber/pepsuber

music's biggest nite?!!!!!!!!1 maybe, maybe not but i'm extremely hype about the grammy's. possible b/c my husband's (lil wayne) nominated for a record 8! landlord was just in the apt to fix our toilet, and told him i've gotta go b/c grammy's were about to come on & i had to see lil wayne. he sorta frowned & said he assumed i'd like someone more professional & went on to say he could see me liking talib kweli, mos def, common. i told him just b/c i have natural hair doesn't mean i like neo soul dudes... am i too old to have good girl/bad guy attraction syndrome?!

in other news, don't drink soda, but these are by far my fav commercials b/c my husband #2 (esteemed actor richard dean anderson) is in them!

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Eklektos said...

This was so hilarious! What a way to end the night...almost as funny as the 'daughters' clip! You, Cyrus and I still have to do our own...maybe when you all come visit me in Miami...