Sunday, May 16, 2010

cyrus in pics

cyrus (aka moe dean/bun/peepee/ peeps mcbeeps/dr sexistein/stupid/smoe) is artsy & like to make things,a s you'll see below:

his apb character

side by side comparison of him & his character. not too shabby

last time i was in nyc visiting him he drew this. can't remember why the illustration but obviously i was being shady (teehee)
his scribbles. sidenote: i don't hate his drawings...
more scribbles...
be i said he looks like drake & 2 other light skinned kids, smoe thinks i think ALL light skinned guys look alike (not true). he drew this pic as an example & funny thing is this pic DOES look like 3 light skinned guys i know (including him)!
more of his apb character
... and apd once more

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