Wednesday, May 26, 2010

not even mad at BP...

ok ok the oil spill is quite terrible, dare i say devastating?! but for some reason i'm not even that mad at BP. i don't know that company or anyone that works there, so what gives me the right to run their name through the oil, i mean mud (fingers crossed mud can stop the leak)... plus people act like multinational corporations don't screw up or shadily try to cover up their screw ups often.

i know i know this is effecting our whole ecosystem & besides the 11 men that died (which no one's really reporting on), it could be the death of some species and/or the death of seafood industry in the gulf, etc. full disclosure i'm not an environmentalist & i'm feel fairly removed from this tragedy which may be another reason i look on with shock instead of changing my facebook status/tweeting talking crap about BP. the fake BP twitter account ( is hilarious, and believe it does an awesome job "sticking it" to BP so my 2 cents or "hate" is unnecessary nor will i be purchasing a shirt though i think they're kinda cute (click here to see/buy them):


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