Thursday, February 4, 2010

dream jacket & no label watches

soooo it all started when @harperlhuit introduced me to lateboots a few months ago (or maybe like 2, don't remember)...while flipping through post i saw something & fell in love. nope wasn't a boy, but a beautiful beautiful thing!

the 1 & only brian wood killed the count varsity jacket!! no no it's not a new item, but new to me!
oh & there was also a limited edition (60) made fall 08...more info on that in this awesome blog post.

in other news, as i was searching for my jacket & came across no label watches. i heard of these last year when we were in miami & asked a guy what kind of watch he was wearing. he said, "ok, so this may sound funny but it's calle no label by who gives a fuck" friend and i chuckled then walked away from him bc we thought he was being sarcastic. until tonite! when i see the nice chap was telling the truth!

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