Friday, February 12, 2010

operation: cupcakes

so i got the hankering for cupcakes (surprisingly not cheese)... unfortunately there's no curbside cupcakes here (or at least not to me knowledge)...

thanks to yelp i started my search for cupcakes in harlem (washington heights)...found some places, not too close. with this i decided to grin & bear. queshia b was going to MAKE cupcakes! went to corner store & bought mix, frosting...wait! no muffin pans?? so store didn't have muffin pans, smoe doesn't have muffin pans. looks like my cupcake craving just turned into CAKE craving.

i don't like having the lead role in baking (mixing) so i left that to smoe, i did prepare stuff to be mixed & took out pans & frosting & put it in oven though (i prefer the supporting roles)!...we cal this cake, blac man (pac man's black neighbor)

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