Thursday, October 8, 2009

new artist: emmanuel jal

AGAIN my "new artists" are rarely new they're just new to me...went to see the screening of war child last night... SUPER GOOD movie. really open sup your eyes to what child soldiers go through.

the movie follows the life of emmanuel jal who's a super famous rap artists now. in the film he talks abotu his story & camera crews are there when he goes back to sudan for the 1st time. the thing that struck me is that he's aware he has some mental health issue bc he hasn't really vented about his situation & how strong his wit & sense of humor are. i guess when faced w/ unspeakable tragedy, you HAVE to have a sound mind.

anywho the name rang a bell for me bc he's liek a reoccuring voice on bbc's world have your say (my fav thing to do at 1pm...listen to it at my desk). anywho his story is amazing & his music is pretty good...i feel really shallow to admit it, but while watching the movie i was trying to figure out if he's cute or not (terrible i know)...

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christiannchic said...

emmanuek jal..i love him...loved his story about he war and personally met him in person and he is a very very nice man

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