Monday, October 5, 2009

new artist: big sean

as it goes w/ life, i was on twitter & discovered something new (again)...a guy named big sean. i follow biggie's daughter & she mentioned him being cute on tv, so had to look him up. he's not very big in stature but that's besides the point. his voice isn't that strong but i like his matter-of-fact-oh, i'm-a-rapper-whatevs delivery in his single: getcha some the video is super cute too.

apparently was signed to g.o.o.d. music by 'ye in 2007 (WHERE have i been) don't feel like going through this kid's bio, so here's his wikipedia page. apparently he went to cass hs in detroit which is cool bc i know a few folks who went there. also here's his myspace.

think people put him in the same class as wale & drake bc he's new but i don't think he's that skillful yet...must listen to him more before i officially decide though.

lastly, here's his freestyle in kanye's tent in kanye's trailer at sxsw last year...btw i HAVE to go this year...btw i think that's cudi getting his hair cut, right?!...h & common & amber rose are in the mix too

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