Thursday, October 8, 2009

so in stlye black barbies & blackface

ummmmmmm so earlier this week heard on the radio that there were really "ghetto" (don't like that word) dolls barbie made w/ big lips & hoops so i made a mental note to look em up...just took the time to do it & yeaaaaaa....what's the issue??

neither here nor there that these dolls were created by an est. barbie designer, who happenes to be a black mom looking to do something for her daughter and lil girls in her community. but i REALLY don't see how these are offensive...and who gave em the name of "hip hop barbies"?? each s.i.s. has a well thought out back story & they come w/ politically correct barbie accessories (i.e. artsy stuff, cheerleading stuff, a friggin violin)

click here to go to barbies site for the new line

if you want to see offensive, let's speak on the australian show, hey hey's jackson jive skit?! i know it was a special reunion show, it was a half hearted tribute, the guys in black face were from diverse backgrounds, it was a satire & money went to charity, but come on! black face will never be funny to me...the dicussion on bbc today was if people take race too seriously & if we should lighten up and be able to poke fun at it. i REALLY feel like before we have more of a "sense of humor" about race, we need to understand and have a serious talk about race relations. we never talk about race UNTIL an incident pops up (i.e. "kramer" & the n word, skip gates beer gate).

note to self: find out what book was in the post a few weeks ago talkign about how white people race their kids to be colorblind to race, which isn't good bc it's kinda like a denial!

i end with this very serious piece on black people & white people:

(nope i don't smoke weed & this actually wasn't the skit i was lookin for but it'll do until i can find that 1)

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