Sunday, March 28, 2010

Jean-Michel Basquiat

sooooo this am i JUST remembered i've wanted to see the '96 film about basquiat for years! did some super quick, basic research pre film watching (thanks wikipedia).

the talented always die extra young (& usually drugs are somewhere in the mix). he was only 27 when he died of a heroine overdose :(

pic on right is from an article in '85 ny time magazine. below is a clip of him & andy wharhol. i like how he doesn't really sit still & how he questions what's going on in the clip. one guy commented that he looks like kid cudi & i can see that!

UPDATE: ok so just saw the movie & i'm very impressed by jeffrey wright's performance (his range as an actor is craaaaazy!) also came across this old school (80s) vid of basquiat on some public access called tv party. very painful to watch bc really bootleg, but enjoyable

Glenn O'Brien interviewing Basquiat in the 80's

DJ MOJO | MySpace Video

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