Tuesday, November 17, 2009

video phone (remix)

soooooo after the MUCH hyped, secret shootings, media buzz the video for video phone remix is finally out. my initial thoughts: it's a beyonce show, she didn't share the limelight, spotlight, even outfit changes w/ gaga. i KNOW it's beyonce's song, but how are you going to have gaga in your video wearing 1 plain white leotard?? it's gaga! plus her gun is like 10 times smaller than b's!

ok maybe i'm being too harsh, so good stuff from the video...her outfits were great! not sure who designed them/who stylist was for video but they did great! (really like the lightening earrings) there were guys (me likes any video w/ cute guys as props). they did 1 of my fav dances, the snap and roll (simple yet effective)!

b is a totally awesome entertainer, but my ONLY prob w/ her is she makes songs for women, videos for men. i like when videos match up somewhat w/ song content. i've seen enough stomach and leotard legs from b for a lifetime...switch it up a bit in 2010 PLEASE!

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