Monday, November 30, 2009

so far so goude

while checking out pics of grace jones (bc i love the way she looks), i decided to wikipedia turns out she had a kid (apollo) w/ french photographer jean paul goude who used her as a muse. while looking around to learn more about him i came across this cool "retrospective" of his work so wanted to share:

ps- not that it matters but i feel the need to clarify my google imaging of grace....i'm collecting pics for a personal project i'm doing w/ cool women. it started off as me wanting to play around in photoshop to do a andy wharhol type colored 4- square pic consisting of nina simone, kelis, frida kahlo & bettie page. (i'll prob still do that since that's my original idea) but i keep seeing cool images i want to put together into some sort of collage, grace jones' face &/or body being the latest. ok, great... glad we cleared that up.

now off to watch fritz the cat movie bc i have the shoes (yea vans)

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