Saturday, April 17, 2010


so after speaking with a friend last nite who gets discounts to museum of sex (mosex) & sex shops through her job told her i'd check it out today. while on their website i checked out their shop to see if i could buy some raunchy tshirt (to no avail)... thought i'd check out their blog & glad i did. cool info.

1 that caught my eye was porn for the blind (and visually impaired). such a simple concept yet so overlooked. not only the does book below contain raunchy words, but there are physical "things" as well (see cover)... kind of like a grown up pop up book. if you can afford it at $225 a pop i say go for it my friends! read article here

after posting this info to twitter saw a post about a microsoft ad that was killed bc it shows sexting (i don't think it does but whatevs). putting commercial on blog bc i REEEEEALLY like the song & want to keep a record of it somewhere :)

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