Monday, December 15, 2008

duuuuuuuuck!....flying shoes at bush

wow! just saw the tape of an iraqi tv reporter throwing his shoes (size 10) at bush during a farewell news conference! the outgoing pres has pretty good reflexes, but why didn't he just duck when he saw the man stand up w/ something in his hand?? what about after the 1st shoe was thrown and the guy went for his other one??

he screams "this is a farewell kiss you dawg" before throwing the pair... why shoes? b/c apparently the sole of the shoe is considered an insult in arab culture.

please note pm al maliki offers his right hand to block the 2nd shoe...a brave brave man! :)

the video: when the shoes hit the fan

song o the day: still will (50 feat akon) ... heard this song over the weekend & its in my head now.

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