Sunday, June 21, 2009

quite a father's day...

hopefully my dad's day wasn't as crazy as mine, and after talking to him don't think it was.

1- took a friend out to b smith's for a farewell brunch...due to staff misplacing the signs i ended up accidentally eating CHICKEN SAUSAGE! more than halfway through i stopped and told my guys, this taste too good to be veggie sausage. they all looked down and said it's pink, its gotta be meat. i was so annoyed bc i got the sausage right in front of the "vegetarian sausage" sign. what made it worst is that when i told staff the boy was like oh, ok. i had to physically move the sign myself to in front of the right dish! needless to say i'm NOT a fan of b smith's right now!

2- right after brunch went to se a SUPER great documentary called dancing with the devil. it's about drugs in the favelas & shantytowns of rio. though i almost choked to death on stale popcorn i'm glad i'm just now setting aside time to go to silver docs & very glad i was able to catch that movie! BUT as i was in line waiting for my friend to come i ran into my spanish teacher!!!! i went to high school in atlanta & i was watching the movie in maryland!!! apparently he moved here 4 years ago & is teaching at a high school here now....what are the odds of me running into that guy ? the world is so small!

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