Wednesday, June 24, 2009

oh, those tourists....

Summers in DC suuuck! No no not bc of the heat, but bc of the TOURISTS! Anyone thinkin about coming 2 DC this summer, PLEASE:
- at least LOOK at a metro map before you come. Get a sense of your surroundings once you get into town to avoid your group getting in every one's way & asking for help

- DON'T scream 2 each other on metro! Yea the kids in your group can hear you, but so can I... over m music

- DON'T wear matching (neon) outfits, and/or fanny packs. I like fanny packs and am still trying to figure out how to make them cooler, so don't steal my thunder :)

- STAND on right, walk on left. Thought the rules of riding an escalator were the same nationwide, but guess not...

- DON'T bring ANY family members that can't walk or keep a good city pace, i.e. babies and/or old people!

- sitting next to me DOES NOT me it's okay to lean super far over and invade my personal space.

- just ask me to move and i will...i'd rather you do that than staring at the top of my head/the metro map behind me

Thanks :)

song o the day: billy jean (mike jack)... no real reason why it just popped in my head. probably bc the jingle the boys & girls club kids made up was to this song... enjoy!

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