Sunday, June 7, 2009

new song: d.o.a. (death of autotune)

soooooooooo everybody in the universe is talking about/has an opinion on jay's new d.o.a. track.

HONESTLY, when i first heard it i thought the beat/production was hot, everything else was ok. great job no id & kanye bc listening to it now & this horn, drum combo is amaaaaaaaaazing!

BUT after reading the lyrics i realized they are solid, so i respect the song more now! it's just good to see him coming back like the '96/97 hov i know! not pop, but solid brooklyn lyrics. (me likey)

with this being, i TOTALLY want tpain or ron browz to come back w/ a diss record! that would be great for us listeners! but who would really go after jay?? who's credible enough to put their career on the line to really battle that man?? hmmm guess we'll never know until someon actually does it.

...can't wait for blueprint 3 to drop on sept 11th (is it still considered distasteful when artists release music on this day??)

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