Wednesday, April 8, 2009

goin so fast i must be Russian!

Just a I'll Wednesday humor. But seriously CAN'T be late for bed check so decided not to commute w/ smoe to a metro station that'll put me closer to DC/work.instead told him to just drop me off at a metro n Md/close to my house... Hopefully my decision proves accurate & I get to my desk by 8:30 (nail biter)!

I'm actually in a calm mood bc I'm listenin to thom Yorke... 'the more you try to erase me... The more that I appear'.

In other news my #1 blog fan/atl love of my life/Janet, miss Jackson if ya nasty are gonna do a joint blog!!! I'm excited bc its a way 4 us to keep closer tabs on eachother & it'll be cool to see what type of personality our bog develops.

Lastly, as I type this & weave my way through am metro pedestrian traffic just realized my knee still hurts. Not from having a taxi door closed on it but from getting my body on a treadmill last nite. It started hurting like 20 min into my running but thought if just run it off... 30 min later when I was done it was still a little sore. Me being me instead of stretching I kept it moving to weight machines. Work out was good, unfortunately I was annoyed for most of it bc some stranger ladies were practicing their praise dance routine in the gym mirrors! How do I know they were strangers?? Bc 85% of the folks who live in my condo are white senior citizens! (Think 1 or 2 of them did live there though. Anywho, it wouldn't been bad if they were just practicing- I love dance so I like watchin it too.) But they kept blasting the gospel song over & over. I listen to music loud in my car, but via my ipod ice adjusted the volume so it'll never play at max. So my derogatory music was drowned out by thru gospel!

Song o the day: island in the sun (weezer)... A sold feel good song from a feel good group. Listenin 2 it last night & wanted to go on a vacation again!

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