Tuesday, February 24, 2009


blogging from a hot internet cafe in upper city salvador! feeling much better than i did waking up- had a dream about annual meeting & i wasn´t prepared for a board meeting?? literally woke up stressed out...

so far my observations have been: men=hot, women=hot (they have more butt than i thought they would, so naturally i´m passing bc of my dark skin & hair & ummmm `features`), weather= hot, exchange rate= not. everything is cheap & every1 loves obama... thankfully no crime & every1 in the group is alive & well!

right now watching blocos pass in the street! met some artists (VERRY COOL WORK)!! plus 1 of the guys looks like lil wayne but w/ shorter dreads... he has work in a very small gallery in la... think i´ll probably buy a vertical or horizontal piece before i leave. just bought some wrap around shorts (def haven´t work shorts in like 5 yrs) but its for our bloco tonite (when in rome..)

i want to adopt, no take a brazilian kid in my carry on luggage!!!!! they are ALL adorable :)

ok gotta go get back to vacationing & carnival. before i do, i shall use symbols which don´t appear on us keyborad:

Ç- ok can´t figure out how to get to the other accents, so i´m out!

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